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“I am always extremely happy with the selection of books I receive from the Library Service.  The children love them and they are always of a high quality.  This is a very valued service and I am always grateful that I am able to use it.    The staff at the library are always incredibly helpful and efficient.  They work very hard and do an excellent job”
Headteacher, Primary School in Tower Hamlets

Our aims

Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service is a traded service within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and provides learning resources, librarians and library-related advice and support.

We work with all schools in London and the South East not already served by another Schools Library Service

We aim to:

  • To provide a wide range of high quality learning resources (for early years, primary, secondary and sixth form) that reflect our multicultural and diverse community in a balanced and accurate way, as an efficient, cost-effective way for schools to resource the curriculum and promote reading for pleasure
  • To support schools in their aim to have excellent school libraries by providing professional advice and training on the management and organisation of learning resources and by supplying the services of a professional librarian to manage the school library on a regular basis
  • To enrich the curriculum through global learning and pupil participation, helping young people make the connection between the local and the global

Our offer to you

1. Our resources collection

  • Borrow books, artefacts, costumes and more for primary, secondary and special schools as well as early years settings and other organisations. Each library user may borrow up to 70 items  for the whole term – delivered to your school and collected.
  • Our request for resources service. Tell us what you need and our expert librarians will select resources for delivery
  • Average value of items borrowed per term for a year equates to up to £3000 for each borrower. A substantial saving for your school budget
  • Resources to enrich and raise attainment. Including support for your anti-racist/ decolonisation curriculum Philosophy for Children (P4C) and The Global Dimension.
  • Resources to promote race, religious, ethnic, gender, disability, LGBT, age and class equality

2. Advisory services

“The work of a School Librarian has the potential to make a huge contribution to the school in ways that I had not realised until we found ours.  Her work has impacted directly on the children; their involvement and enthusiasm for reading as well as our participation in enrichment activities and the maintenance of the reading environment.”
Headteacher, Primary School in Tower Hamlets

We offer a comprehensive advisory service for all of your school library needs. Let us set up and help maintain an inspiring library that is the heart of your school.

  • A professional librarian working in your school!
  • School library staffing and training
  • Reading promotion
  • Library refurbishment and design
  • Buying the right books
  • Stock Audit
  • Impartial library software support
  • Literacy resources including Accelerated Reader, CLPE book bands (Which Book and Why) or Catch-Up reading schemes.
  • Digital and information skills including recognising fake news, net savviness and independent learning
  • Much more!

3. Our events

We have an exciting calendar of events to inspire pupils for early years, primary, secondary and special schools. Our aim is to promote creativity and raise pupil confidence and attainment

  • The Tower Hamlets Book Award
  • KS2 and KS3 Poetry slams, including coaching from poets and live performances
  • An annual creative writing competition, judged by children’s authors,
  • World Book Day author visits
  • Author visits to your school

Our team

Head of Service
Jacob Turner
Library Staff
Kalsuma Bibi, Monica Carmichael, Nuruzzaman Chowdhury, Shajan Hekim, Mohammad Shahjahan
Global Learning London (formerly HEC Global Learning Centre)
Faaria Ahmad, Triny Diaz, Fatema Zehra
Laura Bennett, Shajan Hekim, Vikki Lowther, Janet Noble

How to subscribe or buy a service

Any school or organisation within Tower Hamlets, or within any local authority which does not already provide a schools library service, may subscribe to Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service or buy an advisory visit

  • Tower Hamlets schools subscribe via SLA online.
  • all other schools and settings, please either email schoolslibraryservices@towerhamlets.gov.uk, or telephone the library on 020 7364 6428

*amount based on a school with 20 staff borrowing

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Opening Times

Opening times

Please note that the PDC building is currently closed for access. The library will not be open during this time but staff can be reached via email or the web form.

We will update the website once the library re-opens which we expect to be from Monday 4th December.

Term time Monday – Thursday: 9am to 5pm

Fridays and holidays: 9am to 4:30pm