Tower Hamlets Book Award 2020

Well done Remy Lai!

Tower Hamlets Book Award Grand Finale

Pie in the Sky by Remy Lai was voted the winning book of the Tower Hamlets Book Award 2020. Hundreds of pupils cast their votes online and Remy was one of the 7 guest authors and illustrators present at the finale to receive the news. Remy had joined us online from Australia despite it being rather late over there!

Pie in the Sky was one of the 3 books being performed by schools for our annual presentation competition. Blue Gate Fields Juniors had filmed a wonderful piece for the event with some amazing masks – and they had a special Book Award cake, too!

Also presenting were Virginia School with an amazing film trailer for Fire Girl, Forest Boy and Thomas Buxton School with a dramatization of Anna at War. Both the schools viewing and the authors scored the presentations and Virginia School were the proud winners.

Lots of children sent in artwork and writing based on the books for the art competition, and images are below.

The grand Finale was presented in partnership with East Wintergarden and Canary Wharf Group, and we’d like to thank all of their team for all of the IT and AV setup and for the video mixing on the day.

Book Award Quiz:

If you missed the quiz – see how you do with the questions that were set by the authors on the day.

The score to beat is 8!

  1. What is Yanghao’s favorite sauce in Pie in the Sky?
  2. What is the name of Anna’s cat in Pie in the Sky?
  3. What was Camilla’s father’s profession in Empire’s End?
  4. What was the year 193 AD in Rome famous for (Empire’s End)?
  5. In Anna at War, what does the man in the barn pretend is his name?
  6. In Anna at War, how many words is Anna allowed to write in the Red Cross letters she sends to her parents?
  7. Where do lobsters do a wee from (Anisha, accidental detective)?
  8. Who dresses up as Elvis Presley in the first Anisha book?
  9. What is the name of the Agouti Paca in Fire Girl Forest Boy?
  10. What is the name of the fish in the Amazon that can swim up inside you if you wee into the river (Fire Girl, Forest Boy)? a Candiru fish b – Piranha  c – Armoured cat fish
  11. What is the name of Nik and Norva’s dog?
  12. Which number flat (and which Corner) do Nik and Norva live in?

Answers at the bottom of the page!


About the Book Award

The annual Tower Hamlets Book Award is just one of the exciting events made possible through subscriptions to the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Services.

The Book Award is for pupils aged 10 to 13. The aim is to encourage children to read, to bring children together to enable debate and discussion about books and to encourage children to share the pleasure of reading.

Scroll down for information on:

  • The Shortlisted books
  • The finale
  • The art competition


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The Shortlist

We’ve got an awesome shortlist this year, and all subscribing schools will get a free set of these books courtesy of Canary Wharf Group

Please note, that due to Covid, delivery of these books has been delayed, however we hope to dispatch them to you from 14th September.

  • Fire Girl, Forest Boy by Chloe Daykin
  • High Rise Mystery by Sharna Jackson
  • Pie in the Sky by Remy Lai
  • Anisha, Accidental Detective by Serena Patel
  • Anna at War by Helen Peters
  • Empire’s End by Leila Rasheed

Additional sets of the 6 books will also be on sale from us at a discounted price (see below). Please email to order.

Pie in the Sky is currently awaiting reprinting and we are sourcing copies where we can. Free sets will contain all six books. Purchased sets that do not have this book will be priced at £30, or £40 with all 6 books.

Art Competition

Well done to all the winners of the art competition – prizes will be on their way!

Please get in touch if any names in the slideshow are incorrect.

Quiz Answers...
  1. Caramel
  2. Ginger
  3. Doctor or Surgeon
  4. It was a chaotic and dangerous time of civil war , known as the year of five Emperors.
  5. Peter Smith
  6. 25
  7. From their faces
  8. Uncle Ricky
  9. Steven
  10. Candiru Fish
  11. Ringo
  12. Flat 221, corner 1


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