‘Stories from home’

Stories from Home – an intergenerational storytelling project

For teachers who are looking at migration as a project in their classes, these charming short films are a great addition.  Bengali elders tell personal stories of when they were young to their grandchildren while the children draw their version of the story.  See the link https://humanstories-films.com/sfhfilms.html

There is also a film suitable for older children, Migrate Journey, where people who came to East London from the late 1950s to the 1980s relate what life was like and what they left behind.  Please contact schoolslibraryservices@towerhamlets.gov.uk for access to this film.

We can arrange visits to school to supplement the films on the experience of Bengali migration through contact with Mile End Community Project, and also lend you books and a suitcase of artefacts on the history of Bengalis in East London.

We also have a collection of books and a suitcase of artefacts on the history of the Somalis in East London available to borrow (subscribing schools only).

These resources are made available through Heritage Lottery funding for the local history project, This Is Our History.  For enquiries and requests for resources, please contact schoolslibraryservices@towerhamlets.gov.uk

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