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Reserving items

  • You may reserve up to 5 items at any one time
  • If you wish to book more items then you should use our Request for Resourses service
  • If the resources you reserve are available then we will deliver them to your school.
  • Remember, resources are loaned for a whole term, so if you reserve items that are on loan, they may not become available for some time as we only recall overdue items.

Hints for searching


Use curriculum-based keywords such as:


Forces, Sound, Space, Planets, Plants, Flowers, Recycling


Familiar settings, Explanation, Report, Recount, Biographies, Fantasy, Poetry


Holy books, Christianity, Festivals, Sikhism, Buddhism, Islam, Creation


Play, Sustainability, Education, Schools, Tudors, Phonics, Cubism

As you can see, keywords are based on curriculum and literacy strategy terms that you will already be familiar with.

Limiting your search to a particular area

Use the drop-down list to search only for big books or artefacts. Otherwise if you’re looking for Roman costumes, just typing in Romans will also return all of our book records.

You can also use search terms such as KS2, Historical Fiction, Science, Geography, etc along with keywords, for example:

  • Typing ‘Roman costumes’ will return no hits. Use Romans AND costumes, or use keyword ‘Romans’ and select ‘costume collection’ from the media drop-down list.
  • Historical Fiction AND Tudors would just return stories set in Tudor times.
  • Science AND Rivers would ignore most geographical resources on rivers.

Narrowing your search will return a more manageable set of results.

Combine terms by either using the Advanced Search OR by using boolean logic (AND, OR, NOT)

When searching for specific books:
  • Know the author! Many childrens books have the same or similar titles.
  • Know the title! “That green book about bullying with wolves in it” will not help you (although you could search for Bullying AND Wolves and, besides, that book has a blue cover.)
  • If the title is complex (such as Understanding childrens’ errors in primary anarchic activity : a guide for newly qualified teachers by Durden, T) make your life easier by searching for the key words in the title and the author. So Childrens errors Durden will find this book with less risk of spelling errors returning no results.
Avoid typing...
  •  Long strings such as “Books about issues for the primary and early years”
  • Spelling mistakes – there is no auto correct or prediction.

This catalogue is not an internet search engine. It cannot perform full-text searches of our books or interpret written questions.

Opening Times

Opening times

Please note that the PDC building is currently closed for access. The library will not be open during this time but staff can be reached via email or the web form.

We will update the website once the library re-opens which we expect to be from Monday 4th December.

Term time Monday – Thursday: 9am to 5pm

Fridays and holidays: 9am to 4:30pm