Primary School Pupil Library Assistant of the Year Award

About the Award

The award will be presented to a pupil library assistant in a Tower Hamlets primary school who has been helping in their school library for at least one term and has shown responsibility and initiative in exercising their duties as well as gained knowledge of books and library routines and the skills of reading and library promotion.

Nominate your library assistants

Download and complete the following nomination form if your school is taking part

Aims of the Award

  • To enable children to be aspirational and develop specialist job skills
  • To enable children to develop a sense of responsibility, achievement and self-esteem
  • To give children a chance to be part of the everyday running of the library
  • To promote librarianship as a future career
  • To promote citizenship in pupils
  • To promote the development of communications skills


The Award ( book tokens, trophy and certificate, plus free books for the school library) will be presented at a ceremony in July 2019

Take part

To enter, download and complete the following form.

Deadline : Sunday 16th June 2019


Nominees should be primary school pupils who have been helping in the school library for at least one term.

The Nomination Process

The proposer (school librarian or teacher) is asked to describe the nominee in the following categories:

  • Personal qualities
  • Examples of particular contribution (e.g. helping other pupils, helping with library web pages, helping with displays, helping with new books etc.)
  • Being a role model for other pupils and supporting the goals and vision of the school library
  • Reading and library habits
  • Promotion of the library and of books to peers
  • Knowledge of library routines and tasks and ability to work with initiative and responsibility in the library

The nominated pupil is asked to write a short piece (250 words maximum) on their contribution to the school library, and the headteacher asked to endorse the nomination

Opening Times

During the summer holiday, please telephone to arrange a visit.

Term time Monday – Thursday: 9am to 5pm

Fridays and holidays: 9am to 4:30pm