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Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service and Global Learning London (formerly HEC Global Learning) have always placed racial justice at the heart of what we do. Black perspectives and the global dimension to the curriculum are at the core of our collection and balanced representation is at the core of our event planning.
We have published a dedicated diversity booklist for primary and secondary schools. In the addition, all of our THBA, Teen, TakeOff and Must Read booklists contain lots of new books by UK and international authors featuring diverse themes and characters.

Diverse Fiction, including Black and Asian perspectives

Teachers have a crucial role in educating children about the racial injustices of the past, and which continue to manifest in the present, enabling an understanding of the issues at stake and nurturing within all children a pride in their heritage.  One of the ways in which we can support this is by recommending high-quality fiction so that children can find themselves in books and stories as well as use story to learn about the experiences and lives of others.

These are a selection of over 150 books suitable for children and teens in primary and secondary schools, categorised by the continent and country in which the book is set and by the race/ heritage of the main character(s)  For more, or to discuss your requirements, please contact the Schools Library Service.


Updated 5th October 2022 (3rd revision)


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Fighting Racism list

A quick suggestions list of fiction and non-fiction for teachers.

Reading Agency : BLM book lists

The Reading Agency has brought together a series of book lists for children and young people of all ages to share black stories and promote black voices.
All books featured in the book lists are by black authors and/or illustrators and exemplify the principles of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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