Literacy & Numeracy Collection

Lit banner1Our literacy and numeracy collection holds dedicated booksets, big books and games.

Guided reading and other booksets:

  • Sets of 6 or 7 books for shared reading (counts as 1 item on your ticket)
  • Banded reading sets for KS1 (see below for levels)
  • KS1 Phonics Bug booksets
  • Fiction and non-fiction booksets for KS2
  • Sets of picturebooks by literacy strand
  • Numeracy sets of big and small books by theme



  • Board games and card games
  • Phonics games
  • Spelling, word blends, synonyms,¬†and other language types
  • Number operation and counting games
  • Basic to upper primary levels
  • Literacy and numeracy games for PCs and Macs (no site licence required)

Big Books:

We have a special collection of Big Books arranged by language type, including:

  • Patterned language
  • Genre
  • Traditional
  • Other cultures
  • Plays
  • Poetry
  • Report/ Recount
  • Discussion/ Persuasion
  • Significant authors
  • Familiar settings

We support the following reading bands at Key Stage 1:

Standard KS1 Colour Bands cover publishers including Pearson, Badger and Collins

Guide to NC Level Book Band (standard) Year Group Stage within the programme of study Reading Recovery Level Approx phonics phase Read Write Inc. Oxford Reading Tree
Stepping Stones Pink R Secure 1-2 2
Stepping Stones Red R More able 3-5 3 Green/ Purple
1c Yellow 1 Beginning 6-8 3/4 Pink Green L2
1c/1b Blue 1 Beginning 9-11 4/5 Orange Green L2
1b/ 1a Green 1 Developing 12-14 5 Orange Blue L3
1b/ 1a Orange 1 Developing 15-16 5/6 Yellow Red L4
1a/ 2c Turquoise 1 Secure 17-18 5/6 Yellow/ Blue Yellow L5/ Orange L6
2c/ 2b Purple 1 More able/ Mastering 19-20 6 Blue/ Grey Orange L6
2c/ 2b Purple 2 Beginning 19-20 6 Grey Level 7/8
2b Gold 2 Developing 21-22 6 n/a Level 9
2a White 2 Secure 23-24 n/a n/a Level 10
3c Lime 2 More able/ Mastering 25-26 n/a n/a Level 10/11

Key stage 2 Guided Reading sets are arranged by Dewey Decimal classification although we stock Ruby to Diamond level books from a variety of reading schemes.

Guide to NC Level Book Band (Collins Big Cat) Book Band (Pearson) Book Band (Badger) Oxford Reading Tree Year Group Stage within the programme of study Reading Recovery Level (approx.)
3c Lime Lime Lime Level 11/ 12 3 Beginning 25-26
3c/ 3b Copper Brown Brown Level 13 3 Developing 26
3b Topaz Brown Brown Level 14 3 Secure 26-27
3b/ 3a Topaz/ Ruby Grey Grey Level 14/15 3/4 More able/ Mastering (3) Beginning (4) 27
3a Ruby/ Emerald Grey Grey Level 16 4 Developing 27
4c Emerald Grey Grey Level 17 4 Secure 28
4c/ 4b Sapphire Blue Dark Blue Level 17/18 4/5 More able/ Mastering (4) Beginning (5) 28-29
4b Sapphire/ Diamond Blue Dark Blue Level 19 5 Developing 29
4b/ 4a Diamond Blue Dark Blue/ Dark Red Level 20 5 Secure 29-30
4a Diamond Blue/ Red Dark Red Level 20 5/6 More able/ Mastering (5) Beginning (6) 30
4a/ 5c Diamond/Pearl Red Dark Red/ Black 6 Developing
Within L5 Pearl Red Dark Red/ Black 6 Secure
Pearl Red Dark Red/ Black 6 More able/ Mastering




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