Junior Poetry Slam 2023

The Junior SLAM is run by the Schools Library Service and The Poetry Society and has engaged primary school children in Tower Hamlets for several years now. It is a project that will focus not only the participants’ literacy and oracy, but also crucially on their emotional literacy.

The 2023 Slam is supported by Arts Council England and the Samuel Butler Educational Foundation

Schools taking part received :

  • INSET training for up to 3 staff members
  • 2 days of workshops with a poet in your school
  • Performance day at the SLAM Finale

For more information about the slam, email : schoolslibraryservices@towerhamlets.gov.uk

St John’s group performance

Slam performances 2023

Following their coaching, pupils took to the RichMix stage putting on solo and group performances. Performance poet Kat Francois returned as our MC on the day.

Wednesday 8th February (AM)
Hermitage school soloists

Hermitage School : Winner ‘Most supportive school’

Watch Hermitage School's performance

Osmani School : Winner ‘Best Performance (Solo)’ for Faathema

Watch Osmani School's performance

St Annes & Guardian Angels (class 1) : Winner ‘Best Line (solo)’ for Sophia “Patchiness and scratchiness”

Watch St Annes & Guardian Angels (class 1) School's performance

St Annes & Guardian Angels (class 2) : Winner ‘Best attitude’

Watch St Annes & Guardian Angels (class 2) School's performance

Thomas Buxton School : Winner ‘Best Line (group)’ “Take the pain, wash away, like the rain”

Watch Thomas Buxton School's performance

St Johns School : Winner ‘Best Performance (Group)’

Watch St Johns School's performance


Wednesday 8th February (PM)
Chisenhale school’s solo performers

Chisenhale School : Winner ‘Best Performance (Group)’

Watch Chisenhale School's performance

St Saviours School : Winner ‘Best Line (solo)’ for Dahlia “On plain paper, we need to change”

Watch St Saviours School's performance


William Davis School : Winner ‘Best attitude’

Watch William Davis School's performance

Olga School : Winner for ‘Most supportive school’ and ‘Best Performance (solo)’

Permissions were not given to film Olga’s performances


Thursday 9th February (AM)
Cayley group performance

Cayley (Maple class) : Winner ‘Best Line (solo)’ for Hannah “Long blue river, big wide mountains, tiny towers, actually big”

Watch Cayley (Maple class) School's performance

Cayley (Ash class) : Winner ‘Most supportive school’

Watch Cayley (Ash class) School's performance

Clara Grant (class 1) : Winner ‘Best Performance (solo)’ for Safaa

Watch Clara Grant (class 1) School's performance

Clara Grant (class 2) : Winner ‘Best Line (group)’ “Meditating monks”

Watch Clara Grant (class 2) School's performance

St Paul with St Luke School : Winner ‘Best Performance (Group)’

Watch St Paul with St Luke School's performance

St Pauls Whitechapel : Winner ‘Best attitude’

Watch St Pauls Whitechapel School's performance

St Paul with St Lukes group performers

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