Deliveries and Collections

End of term collection dates

  • We will let the school know which day our driver will be calling
  • Make sure that your resources are ready the evening before the collection day as we cannot guarantee a second visit if you miss the collection slot
  • Please ensure that resources are correctly and tidily packed
  • Resources must be left in the designated collection point in your school. Our driver will not have time to visit classrooms
  • Make sure that all artefacts collections are complete and in the original suitcase/ trunk/ box. Please be considerate and remember that other schools will be waiting for these items!
  • Please do not send us new request forms in returned crates.
holiday collections

Deliveries *IMPORTANT*

Please call us if you haven’t received your request within 7 working days of sending it/ the first day of term if you sent it before the 1st day of term.

  • If you have sent a request we will deliver your resources within 7 working days of receipt OR within 7 working days of the first day of term (if received during or prior to a holiday)
  • If you have chosen your own resources at the library, these will be delivered within 5 working days
  • Your delivery may be delayed if you have outstanding items on your ticket. If this is the case then we will attempt to contact you first by the email address provided and then by calling the school.

We’ve had several incidents when new crates have been delivered and not taken from the school reception by teachers. These have then been sent back by the school to the library service and the resources put back into stock!

Schools’ own resources

Teachers often return their school’s own resources to us in error. We will do our best to return these to you in crates labelled as ‘School’s Own’.

  • Keep an eye out for your delivery!
  • If your delivery has not been received within 7 working days, contact us so that we can resolve any problems
  • Our driver will drop off all resources to the school reception or other area designated by your school. If a delivery cannot be found, please check with your school office/ site management. All deliveries will be signed for by a member of staff at your school
  • Big books, posters, costumes and some artefacts will be delivered in bags and boxes. Please look out for poster rolls, boxes and bags as well as crates. All delivered items will be labelled with the teacher’s name


Returning artefacts and costumes

  • Please make sure that all artefacts collections and costumes are returned as complete sets and in the original box/trunk/suitcase.
  • An increasing number of artefacts collections have been returned without their box. It is expensive for us to replace these and it means less money for new books!
  • Artefacts and costumes are expensive and in high demand. Returning them on time and complete means that all teachers can benefit from these resources

Returning posters and big books

  • Please do not stuff large posters and big books into crates – please use the bags that they were sent in! Posters may be returned as rolls. This will help prolong the life of these resources.

 During term time

Either call, email or request a collection in your new request form. Please remember:

  • Allow up to 5 working days for our driver to be able to schedule a visit. At times of peak demand we get a lot of requests for collections and deliveries.
  • Please ensure that your crates are ready! If we arrive and we can’t find anything it may take time to fit in a repeat visit.
  • Let us know the number of crates that our driver should expect.
  • If you know that other staff also need crates collecting, try to arrange for all crates to be ready at the same time – repeat visits can cause delays.

At half term

  • Resources do not need to be returned at half term


Opening Times

Opening times

Term time Monday – Thursday: 9am to 5pm

Fridays and holidays: 9am to 4:30pm

Christmas holiday

23rd December to 1st January : CLOSED