(blog) Stick Boy

Stick Boy by Paul Coomey

The main character, Stick, is exactly what the title says. Drawn with a round white head and a stick body which can fall apart and be put back together! He’s moved to a new town and a new school because of bullying, his third school in three years, and given how he looks it’s hard to fit it and not be noticed. It seems as if the same thing is happening again when Gretchen and Sam pick on him from the very first day. However, gradually, Stick makes some real friends and together they get involved in a plot involving an evil ICT teacher, hacking computers and the opening event of The New Mega Mall. The race is on to prove to unsuspecting families that their new HOMEBOT (‚Ķthink Alexa plus) is part of a sinister plot plan to rule their lives.

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