(blog) My Brother’s Name is Jessica

My Brother’s Name is Jessica by John Boyne

Jason is Sam’s beloved older brother. He’s looked out for him from the moment of his premature birth, through his struggles with dyslexia and has always been his hero. Their bond is especially important because their parents are ambitious politicians, totally focussed on their work and with little time for their teenage boys.

When Jason sits the family down to tell them his ‘secret’ everything goes into freefall for Sam.

This book is an engrossing family story of how Jason’s need to live as Jessica has an impact on all of them. It deals sensitively with transgender issues and gives a good sense of what Jessica is going through as he tries to explain his feelings to Sam.  It maybe deals with the issues with too light a touch? I’m not sure we really get a full sense of the pain of a family’s rejection and effect the lack of empathy can have  on a transgender child, but it is certainly a place to start understanding this important issue.

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