Angel of Poplar


Angel of Poplar : A HEC Global Learning Centre project

On 13 June, 1917, Upper North School (now Mayflower Primary School) was bombed. A centenary of the event was held on 15th June, to remember 18 children who lost their lives.

Over the past year, HEC Global Learning Centre has been working with schools in Poplar and beyond to think together about the causes of conflict, how we can live together and what constitutes constructive peace.
Using the bombing of Upper North School 100 years ago as our starting point, we explored the history of Poplar, its stories and people, as well as what it means to us as a place today. We considered how the tragedy that left 18 children and 150 people dead all those years ago in East London, is connected to the making of 1000 origami cranes in a place as far as Japan.

This project is dedicated to the children who continue to lead unstable lives under the terror and violence of war and conflict today.

Special thanks to Linda Barker, John Varah, Hazel Varah and Same Sky.

We are proud of our children for counting the Queen as one of their guests for the day.

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